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EcoSlips Launch | Dubai Paperless Strategy


EcoSlips to disrupt the retail industry with eco-friendly transaction slips.

Centurion, SA - EcoSlips, an IT solution provider from South Africa is launching a new disruptive service to forever get rid of paper based transaction slips.

Retailers are now able to link their point-of-sale systems to EcoSlips and send transaction slips digitally from any paypoint to consumer cell phones.

Paper slip waste is reduced and a new advertising platform that hasn't existed before provides new opportunities in the retail sector.


Consumers may download the application to their cell phone and register free of charge.

The cashier scans or enters the customer's unique pin number and a digital receipt is forwarded to their cell phone within seconds.

Transaction slips are stored in the cloud from where it can be downloaded, verified, forwarded or printed at any time, from any location.


Transaction slips do not get lost and a printer friendly report with all transactions for a selected time frame can be downloaded in seconds.

Consumers may use it for tax purposes, corporate expense claims, medical- and warranty claims.

Transaction slips can also be forwarded directly from the retailer or filling station to the user's office for corporate expense claims. Users do not even need a cell phone to request their digital receipts from a paypoint.

The system saves hours of manual labour, since transactions are already scanned and summarised in digital format.

Customer identities remain protected and no spam can be sent to any cell phone as is the case with SMS or email powered systems. Messages do not get lost in spam filters because they are sent directly to the user's cell phone.

Point of sale vendors that strive to be at the forefront of development can provide a value-added service to their clients at no additional cost. Providing an eco-friendly service immediately gives them an advantage over competitors and they receive free advertising exposure in the process.

Free software is provided to link any windows based POS system without backend programming to EcoSlips.

Ecoslips provides a powerful advertising platform that allows retailers to focus on consumers in their immediate geographic location. They can save considerable amounts in advertising cost and pay only for prospective customers that live in the vicinity of the store. 

Complaints and compliments can be sent directly to the retail manager from the customer's cell phone and frustrations caused by waiting in line to speak to a call centre agent are completely eliminated. Service levels can improve significantly when complaints are handled in a timely fashion by the retailer.

An independent verification service reduces fraud and retailers can verify any transaction independently by scanning or entering the customer's unique pin or phone number.

According to Henco Schoeman, founder of EcoSlips, "consumers may use the service free of charge. Retailers can significantly reduce paper slip waste, save on printing costs and early adopters may secure an exclusive opportunity to advertise in their geographic area. It is a win-win solution for retailers and consumers".

EcoSlips is currently in negotiation with various players in the retailing and communication industries to implement the service.

Retailers are welcome to contact EcoSlips through their website to link their point of sale systems.

Contact:              Henco Schoeman
Cell Phone:         Int + 2783 959 0911
Website:              www.EcoSlips.com