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EcoSlips Launch | Dubai Paperless Strategy


EcoSlips the answer to Dubai Paperless Strategy  

Centurion, SA - EcoSlips, an award-winning solutions provider from South Africa is launching their new disruptive service at Gitex Future Stars in Dubai to forever get rid of paper-based transaction slips and to support the Dubai Paperless Strategy.

Paper transaction slips issued in the retail industries are expensive, impractical and outdated. They pollute the environment, fade over time, go missing and are an irritation to everybody. Retailers are wasting millions on issuing paper slips.

EcoSlips converts paper slips from point-of-sale, ATMs, and other pay systems into digital, eco-friendly, inter-active slips that are sent to your mobile phone.

EcoSlips can be integrated with retailers, banks and any other transactional system to save cost and augment user experience.

Dubai Paperless Strategy

The Dubai Paperless Strategy aims to build a perfectly integrated paperless government framework to reduce paper waste and expedite the transition of paper transactions across government institutions towards digital.


Consumers may scan a QR code on an existing paper slip to register or download the app directly from the play stores.

Integration is seamless and consumers receive their digital slips just by swiping a debit or credit card as they would normally do.

With cash payments a unique EcoSlips pin number can be entered or scanned from your phone.

Time spent at the pay point can be reduced, because you don't have to wait for a slip to be printed.

Transaction slips are saved securely in the cloud and users can generate expense reports, send prescriptions to pharmacies and store their shopping cards to be available where ever they are.


EcoSlips protects the environment, cost less than paper-based systems, works faster and is more convenient than other systems.

The system protects consumers against spam notifications and provides a geographically targeted advertising platform so that retailers can promote their products and services.

It can save retailers millions of dollars while reducing paper waste and preserving trees on a global scale.

Complaints and compliments can be sent directly from your phone to a retail manager after each transaction. Frustrations caused by waiting in line to speak to a call centre agent are therefore completely eliminated. 

According to the founder, Henco Schoeman, "EcoSlips aims to provide ONE independent service that ALL consumers can use at ANY RETAILER, bank or pay point to save transaction slips safely in the cloud, where they are easily accessible at ANY TIME from ANY LOCATION".

EcoSlips has recently won the prestigious MTN App of the Year award and they invite delegates from the retail, banking and telecommunication industries as well as stake holders working on the Dubai Paperless Strategy to visit their stand at Gitex Future Stars to explore strategic partnerships.

More information is available on their website at www.EcoSlips.com.

Contact:              Henco Schoeman
Cell Phone:         Int + 2783 959 0911
Website:              www.EcoSlips.com