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EcoSlips provides a multitude of benefits to pharmacies and retailers that would like to grow their businesses.

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The system can be easily integrated with most Point-of-Sale systems;  

  1. When a transaction slip is printed at any pay point, EcoSlips prompts the cashier to enter the customer's EcoSlips ID. 
  2. If a customer is not yet registered, they can enter an email or cell number. The system will save the slip in the cloud and the user will receive it when they register with EcoSlips. An email or SMS will provide a link to our website where the mobile app can be downloaded.
  3. If a person is registered you can just scan the EcoSlips ID, enter a Cell number, Email or ID number and the slip will be sent immediately.

value-added service 

Retailers may link their point of sale systems, send transaction slips and provide a free value-added service to their customers.

brand building

Retailers may display their company logo together with the receipt on the customer's cell phone and in an email with every purchase. 

Direct customer feedback 

After making a purchase customers can rate their shopping experience and send feedback directly to the retailer.

Direct customer feedback, creates better service delivery. 

Cost savings, increased profit 

Instead of paying for paper and ink, retailers can switch to digital receipts and increase their profit margin.

Increased market exposure 

Every transaction becomes a marketing opportunity. Stay in touch and entice your customers with special offers, discounts and promotions. 

EcoSlip campaigns are spam free and provide excellent results.

Higher sales volumes 

Wider exposure, better service delivery and continuous engagement with customers leads to higher sales volumes. 

There's just no other way to explain it!


The system can be integrated with most Point-of-Sale systems;

  1. EcoSlips provides an application that can be installed on any Windows machine. The system integrates with most windows based point of sale systems. It detects and converts transaction slips, prompts for the customer pin and post to their cell phone in seconds.

  2. A second option is available for large retail groups and point of sale vendors to integrate their systems directly with EcoSlips through standard web services. Integration can be accomplished with very little effort, but provides a faster, low bandwidth option for large transactions volumes. It also integrates to the retailer’s loyalty or membership programs so that no additional scanning is required at the pay point.   


EcoSlips provides an advertising platform that can target customers in a retailer’s immediate geographical location. Advertising campaigns cost less and provide better results than other advertising methods. 

With most advertising campaigns like Radio and Print-, retailers pay for consumers that may live too far or doesn’t fit the ideal customer profile. 

As a result, a lot of money is wasted on consumers that will never visit your store in the first place.

EcoSlips solves this problem.

An advertising campaign can be narrowly focussed and reach only those people that are living in the immediate vicinity of the store.

Products that can be advertised;

New products and services, special events, discount vouchers, etc.


Retailers can provide the service free of charge to their customers. You may send and process as many transaction slips as needed.

You only need to pay a subscription fee IF you want to advertise and receive customer feedback.


Advertising is billed on a fixed monthly subscription fee per user/cashier or pay point. The price may differ depending on the number of cashiers or paypoints in each store.

Please contact us with as much information as possible for a quotation.

(Name and location of store/s, types of products that you are selling, estimated number of transactions per month, number of cashiers).

We are planning to change this pricing structure in the near future and only customers that subscribe now will be able to take advantage of the free services.


We provide a free A4 display ad that can be printed and displayed at every pay point where the service is offered.

The more people that sign up, the greater the impact of YOUR ad campaigns. When cashiers are trained to tell customers about the benefits,the database grows faster and cost for advertising goes down.


Just follow these steps and you can start in no time at all;

  • Register for the service online.
  • A registration email will be sent with detailed instructions to install the service.
  • Install the EcoSlips client application on each windows machine where you run the point of sale software (i.e. the cashier's computer).
  • Display the EcoSlips display ad at every cashier pay point so that customers know that the service is available (click here to view).
You are ready to go!