Tired of Paperwork?

All those little paper slips cluttering your pockets, handbag, car while you're out shopping?

Receipts going missing just when you need them for proof of payment?

Manually scanning prescriptions and medical receipts when the tax man knocks at your door?

Get the easier, FREE solution!

With Eco Slips all your cash slips, medical receipts and other transaction slips are available in the cloud 24/7.

When you need them, click one button and receive a neatly formatted list via email in a matter of seconds.


the application on your phone


your barcode at the till


electronic transaction slips
on your phone or email


  • Download the app to your Android or iOS Smart Phone.

  • When you register, a unique pin number is provided that link your phone to your account without exposing your personal information to any retailer.

  • Print the barcode and stick it on the back of your phone.

  • Enter the pin at any participating retailer's paypoint and receive the transaction slip immediately on your phone and email,

    Take a snapshot of the transaction slip if your retailer have not yet joined the service.

  • Summarised reports with all your transaction slips can be downloaded at any time for printing.


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Fast and Secure

Receive transaction slips in real-time, on your phone, while you're still at the pay point.


Scan any transaction slip or proof of payment manually when a retailer have not yet joined the service.

Immediate Feedback

Send feedback directly to the store manager and rate their service.

Available Everywhere

Organisations can use the system to collect transaction slips from workers while they make purchases out in the field.


Retailers never get access to a subscriber's personal details or contact information.

Summarised Reports

Download all your slips for a selected period of time in one printable report.

Loyalty Card Integration

Can be linked to loyalty-, bank- or membership cards. Linked accounts don't even have to scan a barcode.

No Spam

We have zero tolerance for spam. Retailers cannot contact you directly.


Can be downloaded and installed by retailers and customers, everywhere.

And much more!

You'll have to download to see the rest.


Read What People Are Saying About Us

“I love the app, it makes being organised a lot easier :)”

- Elsabe Wilken

“Great app guys - Keep up the good work!”

- Tobie Schoeman

“It works great, now I have all my receipts in one place whenever I need it”

- Natasha, Pretoria, SA


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  • Vendors providing point of sale- or other transaction systems may integrate Eco Slips free of charge.

  • We will send your transaction slips together with a brand name and logo that clearly identifies where the slips are coming from.

  • Integration can be accomplished with a few calls to our WCF services API. We also provide technical documentation describing how to integrate the system.

  • You are welcome to contact us with more information about your company and system to get the ball rolling.

  • Retailers may also contact us for advertising opportunities.

    Advertisements can be targeted to the geographical area around the retail outlet where the system is implemented, which makes it one of the most targeted and cost effective ad campaigns.

  • We currently have a promotion where a limited number of vendors can integrate and use our platform for free. You also receive 3 months of free advertising through the retailer network. This offer may expire at any time.


Subscribers receive a fully functional service at no cost, except for the following:

Direct support via email or phone is only provided to paying customers. (Free subscribers will find most of the answers in our Q&A section).

When you need to store transaction slips online for longer than 30 days a subscription fee of $15 per year is payable.

Retailers that process large numbers of transactions (more than 2500 per month) pay a fixed monthly subscription fee per user/cashier or pay point. The price may differ depending on the number of cashiers or paypoints in each store. The subscription includes free advertising to all the customers that visit your store.


We have a strict no-spam policy.

No emails will be sent to subscribers unless its about the administration or workings of the system, new features or the transaction slips.

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